Start building products with block chain technology in less than a 1'


Mobile Wallet SDK Features

Live in your app in 1'

Implement mobile wallet functionality through our mobile SDK, by just addind a line of code.

Configurable design

Override and add your own theming either in notification bar or any transactional screen

Extensible API

Build on top of our API infrastucture, configure your own programmable interfaces.


Distributed trust

Build your financial product on a distributed based on trust and eliminate fraud.

Cross Platform

Develop either on iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Pluggable and easy to use message brokers.

Offline transactions

Accept and process offline transactions with 100% trust and a 10' time to validate.


Out of the Box PaaS Cloud Infrastructure

Distributed ledger

Have your public ledger and build your product on community trust, eliminating single point fraud and security costs.

Any type of Currency

Program your own proof of work digital currency or build on top of other virtual currencies, such as loaylty points, lottery tickets, energy points etc.

POS Ready

Transact through MC/VISA prepaid cards in all EFT POS. This way your product will not only have a risk free value storage, but also transact in the physical world.

Message Broker Ready

Deliver direct tansaction status messages to all your wallets directly through blockpoint.io


Implement a decentralaized trust based technology

iphones skew

Gift Cards

Build and deploy gift card redeem functionality on BLockpoin.io inftrastucture. Add all virtual or digital currencies as well as loyalty points and cryptocurrencies.

Choose through live commercial exchange rates between gift cards value and loaylty points and reddem your gift card with one tap.

  • Consumer analytics
  • Screen code handling
  • Pay on every EFT POS
  • 10' transaction verification

Build your distributed loyalty platform.

Easy to build and deploy multi-merchant loyalty point coalition shemes. Collect points as you buy and redeem these loyalty points in every merchant that accepts credit cards(!!) Merchant systems do not need to be always on, since blockchain technology handles distributed consensus.

Assign exchange rates between loyalty points and gift card discounts on every merchant individually.

iphones two
iphones two

Lottery tickets and instant wins.

Build distributed instant-win lottery and numerical games. Utilizing distributed ledger protocol of blockhacin technology, players can interact and even win instantly, without the need of 3G data or WiFi connectivity.

Lottery tickets reduce fraud and online infrastrure to support always on system governance.

Simple to Use API

Integrate your existing infrastructure as simple as making a REST calls.

Example Creation

curl https://api.blockpoint.io/v2/notifications \
    -X POST \
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    -d '{"type": "address", "block_chain": "bitcoin", "address": "1D7zDFBiLspFMrBauUTxko6GEe1FWdLWfR", "url": "https://username:password@your-server-url.com"}'

Example Notification

  "id": "80107e01-7a05-4369-a276-ea471eb32955",
  "created_at": "2014-10-20T18:27:16Z",
  "delivery_attempt": 1,
  "notification_id": "26867855-7ef2-47d4-a35a-71dc92f69f6e",
  "payload": {
    "type": "address",
    "address": "1CbR8da9YPZqXJJKm9ze1GYf67eKAUfXwP",
    "block_chain": "bitcoin",
    "sent": 0,
    "received": 65000,
    "transaction_hash": "043d6c5097ea53ca880fbbfdb22451e80b07dda8901591a6574c99907a2e278e",
    "input_addresses": ["1HXq2DHd4hJMiV7FgkM6mD88AsW9UP6U9d"],
    "output_addresses": ["1KyFLvJ6WckJkgzwmhKEdsrFfCWJxoddrx"],
    "block_hash": "0a1b086f072513ebb1d3d715166583135b706781ce4948cb1eb90b9837eb5707",
    "confirmations": 1